In 2018 a Scottish psychiatrist accompanied by a research assistant travelled to Kagera to offer IPT (Inter Personal Psychotherapy) training workshops for social workers from each office and a cohort of parish workers. This is a pioneering work, in a region which had no previous psychiatric provision for those traumatised. Isaack Kabombo, a psychology graduate who has himself been supported by The Tumaini Fund, has also been trained in IPT and is now coordinating the group work in Kagera. Groups are being run by local parish workers with the support of Isaack or trained social workers. Initial results are very encouraging both in terms of statistics and also testimonies heard from many widows and parish workers about how the therapy is helping improve group members mental health. IPT is now being rolled out to a second district, with the vision to be able to offer it in all five districts served by The Tumaini Fund. Watch this space for an up to date blog on the work…


There are currently 200 parish workers who support over 25,000 orphans and widows between them. They already serve with the Anglican church, and are employed by The Tumaini Fund to care specifically for widows and orphans in their communities. They are often available 24/7, particularly for orphan headed households, and many give sacrificially of their own time or resources.

Our passion in Tumaini Scotland is that parish workers may be better resourced. We have a vision this year that each one may be partnered with a Scottish supporter who would support them through monthly sponsorship. In supporting a parish worker, over 130 orphans are indirectly being supported. Please get in touch if you would like to partner for hope in this way.


Of the 7% of children in Kagera accessing secondary school , many girls miss a week every month due to a lack of hygiene products. Sustainable hygiene kits can last a girl for 3 years and each kit buys back over 180 days worth of education. We have groups and individuals making sustainable hygiene kits throughout Scotland. For more information please contact



For those orphans unable to access secondary school there is little hope of further education. Having visited a Tumaini Fund vocational tailoring school in Muleba – we were inspired to raise funds for a similar school in Karagwe. This was completed in Jan 2018 with the first intake of students in February. Each student will learn Tailoring and then after 3 years, on graduating, will be gifted their sewing machine in order to start up a micro-enterprise.



Having visited  in this area, the Tumaini Scotland team wanted to raise support for the provision of clean water sources in this valley. It has been difficult to drill for water in the area but with some initial funding we have been able to support villages to access clean water through the sinking of three shallow wells. These three wells provide for 600 families ensuring over 2000 people are accessing clean water in Mushasha.


We are grateful to musician Ian White for allowing us to partner with him on his Cities Tour in 2014 at our launch. Through these concerts £10,000 was raised to equip each parish worker with a bicycle as well as providing training and resources to repair and maintain these. There was also enough to supply boots and jackets for the rainy season as well as phones in order to maintain contact with the social work team.


Tumaini Scotland has been able to support families in need of housing – some of their photos are on the ‘stories’ page. In 2015 however we were grateful to The ‘Far and Wide’ charity shop in Stonehaven who offered one months takings in order to build houses and provide each of these families with a goat for income. They raised £7,500 in one month and this was used to build 12 houses!